High School Musical Influences

Students discuss the influence music and musical figures have upon them

Stephany Garcia and Tammera Magana

Music plays an important role in many adolescents’ lives. It is a way of expression and a form to connect with their favorite artists and peers. Artistic Influence can affect people’s character and opinions, but some people also believe that their artistic influences do not affect them as a person.

When having similarities with artists it enables one to identify with them even more. Oxnard High School senior Christian Gomez said, “We both like to have fun, too much fun,” referring to his artistic influence, Miley Cyrus. They both share the similarity of having fun in anything they do. “I like the way that she  resembles herself to society, she doesn’t care what people think about her,” Gomez said.

Often, people feel like they connect with artists because of their actions or beliefs. “Jeff Buckley and I share a passion for music and we both like to incorporate meaning behind music and the lyrics,” said senior Victoria Amezcua about her artistic influence Jeff Buckley. “He likes telling stories through his artistic abilities like me.”

Having common qualities with artists does not always affect a person. “I think it makes us in a way kind of similar to each other, and you just realize that we have similarities in common,” said senior Lucero Villalobos about artists imposing effects on people.

“Music can change your mood,” said OHS senior Liz Garcia. “If you’re listening to uplifting music you’re happy and you’re all hyper and then if you listen to depressing music you just want to cry.”